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I am a Wisconsin native and have always been fascinated about film making and the craft of story telling through video.  It is with great excitement that I have this chance to tell your stories. My style leans towards rustic/ home town America.



    A 10 Hour Window for shooting and setting up cameras, Audio recorders and some lighting when possible. I am also an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot and I may capture a drone shot of the location if, time, weather and airspace are favorable.
    My shooting style strives to not interfere with the flow of your day. While I cannot guarantee any specific video or audio will be captured during the day,  I try to capture the most emotionally dynamic shots throughout the day from the preps to first looks to pretty much most of the ceremony and reception and other fun stuff along the way. I may have a second shooter with me but not guaranteed and will not affect your package price.


    Over the course of 4 - 12 weeks, I will edit your wedding movie into a short film roughly about 10 minutes long using the best video clips and sound bites captured throughout the day.  I use special licensed music which I specifically choose based on the feel of the edit.




        - The Wedding Movie (about 10 minutes long) HD digital download.


*Additional costs may apply to locations exceeding 1 County away from Dane County.

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