I am a Wisconsin native and have always been fascinated about film making and the craft of story telling through video.  It is with great excitement that I have this chance to tell your stories. My style leans towards rustic/ home town America.




Wedding Movie PACKAGE $1500

Package includes:

  • A 10 Hour Window for shooting
    My shooting style strives to not interfere with the flow of your day. While I cannot guarantee any specific video or audio will be captured during the day,  I will get shots throughout the day from the preps to first looks to pretty much most of the ceremony and reception and other fun stuff along the way. I may have a second shooter with me but not guaranteed and will not affect your package.




Over the course of 4- 8 weeks, I will edit your wedding movie into a short film roughly about 10 minutes long using the best video clips and sound bites captured throughout the day.  I use special licensed music which I choose based on the feel of the edit. I also edit a ceremony highlights video as well as a highlight video of the toasts.




  • The Wedding Movie (about 10 minutes long)
    A stylized short film using the best visual and audio elements captured throughout the day and woven together with licensed music to tell your story.  (see home page for latest examples)


  • Edited Ceremony Highlights video

  • Edited Toasts Highlights video

All 3 finished  videos are delivered as high res digital files

*Additional costs may apply to locations exceeding 50 miles from Dane County.